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About Us

Founded in 2016 and based in NSW, Australia, Kaleido Fabric is a reliable store built to share a creative passion and supply quality designer fabrics. Kaleido Fabric is a great place for anyone who loves creativity in patchwork, quilting, sewing and any fabric craft. We're here to suffice your every creative fabric need. 

We provide a range of globally re-knowned designer fabrics plus a fantastic range of our ever popular Australiana collections designed by Australian Artists. All our fabrics are premium quality to ensure a great sewing experience and help you get the best out of your project. We make it easy to make choices you can trust. Our products are carefully chosen from top brands and designers including Ann Lauer, Amanda Joy and Annette Winter. 

With over 400 fabrics available online, there's sure to be something to spark your inner creative and have your hands on the sewing machine in no time. Our fabrics are ideal to use for anything from quilting to home decor to soft furnishings and apparel. Kaleido Fabric also offers a selection of purchasible and FREE inspiring patterns to get you started.

So jump in and start your fabric adventure with us today!

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